Relationship Builder, Etsy Shop owner, Artist, Novice Blogger

You never know when, where, how, or with whom you will make a connection and how that connection may change your life.  I have had many great people and experiences in my life and those experiences have influenced my work.

Words are powerful.  Art is powerful.  Both are beautiful.  We gain strength, hope, courage, and inspiration from the power of words and  the power of art.

For me, art and life have become about SHARING & CONNECTING a little bit of myself with the recipient of my creation; I can connect with people on a more global scale.

It’s probably one of the most empowering feelings I have ever experienced.  And it is an amazing opportunity!

The network of friends and family that surround me,  the work  I do with youth at a local non-profit organization, my art, and the great work of others continue to inspire me each and every day.

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